10 Loving Gestures that Changed these Dogs Lives

Annhia Godoy

When a dog is part of your life, he becomes your best friend, your companion, and the recipient of tons of your love.

Here are 10 inspiring loving gestures some pet owners have done for their dogs and which may bring a tear to your eye.

This little Chihuahua is blind, so he got an aureola to protect him from running into walls. So cute!

chihuahua aureola perro ciego

This farmer noticed the foster dogs in his town liked to get into plastic barrels, so he built a little train out of them for them to have fun:

coche perros paseo tren granjero

These little puppies got their ears wet while eating, so their owners put elastic bands on them to keep them dry. Now, that's a fashion statement!

cachorro orejas comida hora de comer

The subway wouldn't allow dogs, even on a leash. They would only accept pets inside bags, so these owners decided to follow the rule, after all, it didn't say you couldn't use a giant bag!

bolsas cargar perro metro transporte

This tiny Chihuahua is disabled and thus, he cannot walk. His owner created a mini cart in 3D printing so that they could go together everywhere. 

chihuahua silla de ruedas perro caminar ayuda

This friendly Dachshund wanted to sleep near his humans, so they modified their bed so that he could do so while still having his own space. It even has curtains!

cama perro salchicha dormido recámara

Since this couple of Huskies liked to see what's going on in the streets, their owners created small windows on the fence. Say hi! 

husky jardín cerca vecinos

What about making your own beds for your cats and dogs? You can even use your old sweaters so that they feel close to you. 

sueter cama hecha en casa diy camita upcycle

During summer, the owner of this lucky dog made him a huge treat: A block of refreshing ice filled with lots of pet cookies.

perro congelado premio calor verano

Sometimes it's the little things, and other times they are life changing ideas. Still, this loving gestures are just a token of what all of us pet lovers know for a fact: We would do anything and everything for our best friends!

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